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Clarkston, MI Managed Firewall Monitoring and Management Services Company

Clarkston, MI  Managed Firewall Monitoring and Management Services Company

Proudly serving Clarkston since 1994

XFER Communications is your trusted local managed firewall monitoring and management services company in the Clarkston, MI area. We can set up, configure, maintain and monitor your firewall solution, saving your company significant time and money. Contact us today!

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Firewalls protect your network. XFER can protect your firewalls.  

Firewalls are complex tools that keep hackers out of your IT systems. They also control traffic in and out of your network to ensure it is used correctly.  

Antivirus is different from firewalls, but they work together to protect you. A firewall checks traffic between your internal network and the outside world. Antivirus checks your computers and devices to remove any malware.  

Your firewall is your first line of defense against hackers, who use software bots that constantly scan the internet for weak or old systems. So, you must keep both firewalls and antivirus up to date to keep systems secure. IT specialists like XFER Communications can provide managed firewall monitoring to help you do that.  

Hackers probe your network for weaknesses.  XFER probes your network for hackers.    

Think of a Google search that returns millions of hits in less than a second. Hackers use similar methods to probe for open paths into firewalls (software called “ports”) all over the world. A typical firewall has more than 65,000 ports, but the majority of them are normally closed.  

Hackers are very clever though. They often introduce new (“zero-day”) threats to sneak through your defenses. Firewalls, especially old ones, don’t always recognize and block these new threats. (But they do keep activity logs and flag weird events.) Experts like the team at XFER can analyze your firewall and find threats before they cause harm.  

Managed firewall monitoring is the solution.

Firewalls also control outgoing traffic to prevent data theft and block access to dangerous websites. These controls add to your protection. XFER Communications can customize your firewall to control both incoming and outgoing traffic. We have several options to help keep your firewalls up to date:  

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  1. Firewall audits: We can review your firewall settings to check for errors. We’ll also look for any updates you may need.
  2. Firewall configuration: XFER Communications will configure a new firewall for your business. We can also refresh your existing settings to fix any problems or make changes to match your business.
  3. Firewall monitoring and alerts: Monitoring is a critical part to keep firewalls current. We carefully inspect event logs for possible threats. We can offer round-the-clock surveillance or just out-of-hours service.
  4. Firewall co-management: We’ll tailor the right package only for the services you need. Co-management can fill in any skill gaps your IT team might have. It also helps out during busy times. You benefit from getting the assistance you need - nothing more or less.

XFER Communications can monitor your firewalls and other IT systems around the clock. We have the tools to detect problems and take prompt actions. These programs help keep you safe from hackers. Contact us today to get started with managed firewall monitoring solutions.

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