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Scale Computing

Would Your Business Benefit from Faster Access to More Secure Data?

Edge Computing Helps You Balance Your Use of Cloud Resources

As popular and useful as the cloud is, there are some drawbacks to its exclusive use.

For instance:

  • No Internet? No access to your data.
  • Access can be slowed by latency (delays in data transfers).
  • The more you rely on the cloud, the more it costs.
  • Its security greatly relies on your team’s strict adherence to best practices.

Emerging technologies with high data requirements, like the Internet of Things, also add complications. These new tools often rely on local data processing, making it just as important for businesses to have some local IT infrastructure. That said, today’s more dispersed workforce can still greatly benefit from the cloud, especially since so many businesses simply don’t have the resources to manage each remote asset having local access to their tools.


Modern businesses rely on secure and scalable access to reliable resources for any team member, wherever they work. While either the cloud or local storage could benefit that goal, either would also bring drawbacks.

However, by adopting an edge computing strategy, this no longer has to be the case.

Scale Computing: A Superior Alternative to VMware

Scale Computing offers a robust edge computing solution that stands out as a compelling alternative to VMware. Here’s why:

  • Cost-Effective: Scale Computing provides a more affordable solution with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Unlike VMware, which often requires substantial licensing fees and additional hardware investments, Scale Computing offers an integrated, streamlined platform.
  • Simplicity: With an intuitive user interface and automated management capabilities, Scale Computing reduces the complexity typically associated with virtualization and hyperconvergence solutions. This simplicity enables IT teams to deploy and manage infrastructure more efficiently.
  • Edge-Optimized: Specifically designed for edge computing environments, Scale Computing excels in remote and distributed locations where VMware's more centralized architecture might struggle. It provides robust performance even with limited IT resources on-site.
  • Resilience and Availability: Scale Computing's built-in high availability and disaster recovery features ensure that your applications and data remain accessible and secure, even during outages or hardware failures. This resilience is critical for maintaining business continuity.
  • Scalability: Scale Computing allows seamless scaling from a few nodes to hundreds, making it ideal for growing businesses. It can easily adapt to your changing needs without significant overhauls or added complexity.
  • Integrated Backup and Recovery: With comprehensive backup and recovery options included, Scale Computing eliminates the need for separate backup solutions, enhancing data protection and reducing management overhead.
  • Vendor Independence: By choosing Scale Computing, businesses can avoid vendor lock-in commonly associated with VMware. This independence allows greater flexibility in choosing hardware and other complementary technologies.


Adopting Scale Computing can transform your IT infrastructure by providing a more efficient, scalable, and resilient solution tailored for modern edge computing needs.  Contact us at 734-927-6666 / 800-GET-XFER to learn more, or fill out the form on this page to get in touch!

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