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Digital Surveillance Solutions to Keep Your Business Secure

Choosing the correct security camera solution

There are multiple types of security camera solutions that you can use as part of your surveillance system, each of which has its own characteristics fit for different purposes. There are different sizes, resolutions, video quality along with options to choose from like motion and sound detection.XFER can advise you on this. Depending upon your purpose, we can recommend the best type, brand, or model of the security camera.

  • Indoor Surveillance Systems
  • Outdoor CCTV Cameras
  • Network IP Security Cameras
  • Hidden Cameras
  • Wireless Camera

We also have partnered with distributors to increase the availability of the surveillance system installation hardware that your organization needs.

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XFER Communications Surveillance System Installation

Gain complete control over your security camera system.

XFER takes your surveillance system and security camera system to the next level. Our technicians have a high level of expertise with CCTV systems. We are able to plan, design, and set up your business surveillance system within a couple of days. Your business also gets these features from our surveillance system installation.

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring & Alarm system
  • Fire, flood and carbon monoxide detection
  • Smart Security Controls
  • Scheduled Security, Alerts and Automation
  • Live footage from a mobile device
  • Record and save video clips

From advising which security cameras to purchase, to installation and integrating it to your current systems, XFER Communication is your go-to partner for security. For more information about our security camera solutions or how XFER can present you with options to keep your business safe, call us today.

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