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Are you worried about the risk that comes with spam? At XFER Communications, we offer spam filtering services and spam filtering solutions for companies in Plymouth, MI. Our team of experts has the skills and experience to keep spam at bay. Reach out to us today to speak to a spam filtering consultant.

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What Is a Spam Filter?

Spam refers to any form of digital communication sent out in bulk that’s unsolicited or unwanted. While it can be distributed via text, phone calls, and social media, it’s more common through email. In most cases, spam emails contain viruses that compromise your system.

To detect such virus-infested emails, Internet Service Providers (ISP) use spam filters. By detecting malicious content in emails, spam filters help prevent their distribution. However, spam filters are not a preserve of ISPs.

Large corporations and Small to Medium-sized Companies (SMEs) also use spam filters to protect networks and employees. That’s where we come in. We offer spam filtering solutions to prevent your network from being compromised.

So, don’t hesitate to contact our experts for support.

Spam Filtering Solution

How Can XFER Help You?

Cyber attackers are continuously developing new ways to compromise enterprise networks. As such, it’s essential that you have a robust spam filtering solution.

1. Greylisting

Ordinarily, communication within business networks is reserved for official matters. As such, it often involves interactions between a limited group of people. Considering that spam is unwanted and unsolicited emails, greylisting is one of the techniques we use.

Greylisting refers to when spam filtering solutions block emails from unknown sources from being delivered to employees. When emails from users who are not whitelisted are detected, they are sent back to the originating server to be resent.

In most cases, the servers spammers use are too busy to respond to such requests. As such, if the email is indeed malicious, it is likely not going to be resent.

2. Outbound Email Scanning

One of the biggest risks of spam making it to your network is that it can be easily spread. While one of the objectives of spam filtering is to protect employees, they’re also a major threat. When a malicious email makes its way into one employee’s inbox, it can easily spread if they forward it to colleagues.

As such, in the event your network is compromised, limiting the spread will significantly reduce its impact. One way that you can achieve this is by scanning outbound emails. Our solution will ensure that no email with malicious content is sent within or from your network.

One of the key benefits this offers is protecting your reputation with partners, suppliers, and other associates.

3. Malicious URL Blocking/Phishing Protection

In most cases, attacks are delivered in the form of clickable links. As more and more malicious links are discovered, they're entered into a database.

Our advanced solution analyses the body of emails for links and compares them with those in the database. If it identifies a link used in previous attacks, the email will not be delivered. Moreover, the sender’s IP address is added to the database. In doing so, even if they use another URL that’s not listed, the email will not be delivered.

4. Data Leak Protection

At XFER Communications, we are committed to client protection. This is why we are continuously using new strategies to protect networks. In this regard, data leak protection is a new, advanced, and effective email filtering technique.

It involves tagging user-defined keywords. Should an email containing any of the keywords pass through the filter, it will be flagged. Then, depending on how you configure the spam filter, it may be deleted or quarantined for review.

Along with protecting your network from malicious content, this feature prevents the leaking of confidential information.

5. Advanced Anti-Virus Software

Ultimately, the goal of a spam filter goes beyond threat detection. It must be able to stop them too. This is why our spam filtering solution comes with an advanced anti-virus solution. Once active, it will scan all the devices, networks, emails, and attachments for malware.

Spam Filtering Solution

Why Choose Us?

Each year, companies lose billions of dollars due to spam. This comes in the form of technical expenses, liabilities, and cybersecurity non-compliance fines. Also, while addressing the effects of spam, you will incur further losses due to the lost productivity. But that's not even the worst part. Any breach of your network will tarnish your brand's reputation.

With our solution, you can avoid all this and focus on growing your business. What you get is a robust solution, dedicated team, and unparalleled customer service. So, get in touch with us to protect your company from spam.

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