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Pontiac, MI Remote Office Solutions

Pontiac, MI Remote Office Solutions

Mobilize Your Workforce With Remote Office Technology

A remote workforce brings numerous advantages to modern businesses as remote options offer flexibility and reduced overhead with marked productivity increases in many cases. Another benefit of offering a remote office solution to consider is the expansion of the talent pool available to your business and leadership team- your business is no longer limited to local candidates. Integrating remote office technology is due, in part, to advances in collaboration software and applications, as tools allow businesses flexibility in managing a remote workforce. Additionally, proactively deploying work from home solutions can greatly pay off in times of large-scale public health and safety concerns, such as disease outbreaks and major weather events. 

Consider, for example, major snowstorms and hurricanes that compromise employees’ ability to get to work safely, national security events such as 9/11, and more recently, the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.

These events threaten not just employees’ health and safety, but general operations and productivity as well. As more and more events have arisen in recent times, many businesses are now allowing their staff a remote option, and are investing in remote office technology.  We can help your organization deploy a cost-effective and manageable home office technology solution.

We provide superior remote office technology solutions, work from home solutions, and home office technology for businesses in the greater Pontiac, MI area. Our work from home solutions offer your business operations fluidity in the event of transportation, weather, or other circumstances of uncertainty. Don't wait until it's too late and your productivity halts- get in touch with our team today to deploy a strategic remote office solution!

Working From Home Solutions + Xfer Communications

Configure A Reliable Internet Connection

Existing high-speed internet connections are already available in the majority of residential and employee homes with speeds sufficient to support all the day to day activities performed on the job. Simply ensuring a proper ethernet connection is utilized versus relying on the home's wireless router produces a fast, reliable connection.

Harness Collaboration

Many organizations already use advanced collaboration tools for inter-office communication that can easily be used in home office circumstances- software and applications like Office 365, VoIP, and chat/video conferencing programs. Our technicians can assist your business in properly configuring these tools to be useful in a remote working environment.

Don't Neglect Security

To confidently secure your digital assets all home offices and workstations must be taken into consideration as you expand your workforce into remote technology. Xfer Communications has comprehensive experience implementing multi-factor authentication, user awareness training, email filtering, and firewalls for businesses incorporating remote office work environments.

Remote work using sophisticated home office technology has grown in popularity and may become the new normal in the wake of public health concerns, like the 2020 COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. Call us to discuss the many remote office technology solutions available to your business!

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