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Troy, MI HIPAA Compliance Consulting Services Company, HIPAA Compliance Consultant

Troy, MI HIPAA Compliance Consulting Services Company, HIPAA Compliance Consultant

Proudly serving Troy since 1994

XFER Communications specializes in providing HIPAA compliance consulting services to companies in the Troy, MI area. Our HIPAA compliance consultants help both solo practitioners and larger healthcare and medical organizations get in HIPAA compliance and stay that way. Contact us today to speak with a HIPAA compliance consultant about your needs.

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HIPAA Compliance Support & Consulting Services

Are you worried about becoming the next healthcare victim of a data breach?

If yes, you’re right to be.

According to the HHS’ Office for Civil Rights, there were over 3,700 healthcare data breaches of at least 500 records between 2009 and 2020. Moreover, judging by trends over the last decade, the risk is continually increasing.

As a health care provider, safeguarding patient information is now just as important as delivering excellent care. This is because failure to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) can translate to fines and reputation damage.

While compliance is essential, achieving it is challenging and time-consuming. This is where we come in. At Xfer Communications we offer HIPAA compliance support and consulting services that enable you to attend to patients confidently, with the knowledge that their personal information is secured.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliance Consulting

Building a reputation as a reliable healthcare provider takes years, possibly decades. However, it only takes one slip up and a few minutes for all this to go down the drain. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens when you breach HIPAA rules.

When it comes to HIPAA breaches, the biggest challenge is not lacking security policies. Instead, it's negligence and lack of awareness. As such, it's essential to offer continuous training and guidance to staff to prevent such incidents.

Our HIPAA consulting services are designed to ensure that this does not happen to your business. Whether you have a security team or not, we’ll work with you. The purpose of such consultations is to ensure that your policies and procedures are cognizant of emerging trends and threats.

Moreover, with the guidance of our experienced team of HIPAA consultants, it will be much easier for you to remain compliant.

HIPAA Compliance Services

Do you find it challenging to attend to security-related matters? Don't worry. We have a wide range of services to help you achieve and maintain HIPAA compliance.

  1. Risk Analysis

    When it comes to cyberthreats, it is essential to understand that they may come in many forms. As such, it is not just about having a robust security framework. You need to identify and address vulnerabilities in your system.

    The first thing we will do for you is perform a risk analysis. Although there is not an exact formula for doing this, our process involves the following elements:

    • Assessment of current security framework and policies
    • Threat/vulnerability identification
    • Data collection
    • Scope analysis
    • Likelihood of the occurrence of threats
    • The possible impact of threats
  2. System Security Plan

    A key part of our HIPAA compliance support is to help you develop a system security plan. This plan will govern everything to do with your security framework. It will cover:

    • Security policies
    • Security controls
    • Timetable for introducing more controls
  3. Risk Categorization

    As an organization, it’s important to secure all the information within your databases and systems. However, not all the information is equally sensitive. By performing risk categorization, we will divide data and information systems according to their sensitivity. From there, we will ensure the most sensitive information is protected using the highest level of security.

  4. Security Controls

    Under the HIPAA security framework, there’s an extensive catalog of security controls for institutions to adhere to. However, you are not required to implement all the controls but only those that apply to you. Once you determine the appropriate controls and meet the security requirements, you should document them in the system security plan.

    Since HIPAA controls are extensive, determining the ones that apply to you may be confusing. Our experienced team of experts will assist you and document all the relevant security controls in your system security plan.

  5. Employee Training

    At the heart of your HIPAA compliance efforts is your team. Therefore, regardless of how robust your security framework is, it will likely be compromised if your team is ill-equipped.

In this regard, we will organize comprehensive HIPAA compliance training for your employees. Among the areas of focus will be the HIPAA Privacy Rule, the HIPAA Security Rule, and procedures for the HIPAA Breach Notification Rule.


Who Do We Serve?

HIPAA is a comprehensive security framework that covers all institutions that handle patient health information. So, whether you are a provider or healthcare business associate, our HIPAA compliance support extends to you too.

Some of the institutions we serve include:

  • Hospitals
  • Pharmacies
  • Physicians
  • Diagnostics
  • Health information exchanges
  • Software vendors
  • Subcontractors
healthcare industry

Don’t Leave Anything to Chance

Each time a patient visits your facility, they place their trust in you. In return, they expect to receive the best medical attention and for you to safeguard their data. Often, focusing on one compromises the other.

This is why Xfer Communications offers HIPAA compliance support and consulting services. We will take care of all your security and compliance needs, allowing you to focus on treating patients. So, reach out to us today to speak to a HIPAA compliance consultant.

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