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Lenovo Partner | Troy, MI

Lenovo Partner | Troy, MI

Proudly serving Troy since 1994

Xfer Communications is your trusted local Lenovo partner in the Troy, MI area. As an authorized Lenovo dealer and Lenovo consultant, we get you the best prices and provide exceptional support for Lenovo products. Contact us today!

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Your business computers need to do much more heavy lifting than your typical personal computer. Business computers need to be able to keep up with the pace of today’s increasing IT demands, especially when it comes to running multiple business-driven applications on top of each other. And, they need to be durable and easy to maintain and upgrade.

Fortune 500 companies around the globe trust Lenovo products as their go-to when it comes to digital and productivity solutions. Lenovo products include laptops, desktops, tablets, servers, storage, and networking components.


With over 20 years of providing technology solutions, we know the importance of providing only the best solutions and products to our clients. With our top-tier consultants and engineers, having Lenovo in your business IT infrastructure can be a real game-changer.

Xfer Communications’ goal is to provide our customers with exceptional Lenovo equipment and accessories at affordable prices, and we achieve this by leveraging our vast experience in the technology retail industry.


As a Lenovo Partner, we are authorized to sell its products and services at reasonable prices. This ensures our clients will get outstanding computer systems at the fraction of the cost. That’s the best of both worlds.


For over 10 years, engineers at Xfer have delivered Lenovo products to many different industries. Our vast knowledge of technology helps us plan and implement IT solutions in exact accordance with what your business needs.


From setting up workstations to connecting them on a network to troubleshooting problems, we have experts that can help you resolve IT issues in one call so you can focus on what’s important –running the business.

WHY CHOOSE Xfer Communications?

We are known for providing quality IT services to organizations of all sizes. Our experts are equipped with vast IT knowledge and highly responsive to resolve any challenging issues about Lenovo products and services. By partnering with us, your company will have a fleet of experts by your side, supporting you all the way.

Call our friendly consultants today to learn more about our Lenovo Partnership and the products we offer. 

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