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Troy, MI Microsoft Office 365 Backups & Archiving Services Provider

Troy, MI Microsoft Office 365 Backups & Archiving Services Provider

Proudly serving Troy since 1994

XFER Communications is your trusted local provider of Microsoft Office 365 backup and archiving services Troy, MI area. When you partner with us, you will get the expert help your business deserves from a local partner. Contact us today to discuss our Microsoft Office 365 backup and archiving services that will keep your company's valuable data safe.

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Office 365 backups and archiving services

You run your business like it's a sports car, sleek and responsive. No bloat allowed. You embrace cloud applications to save money and, more importantly, time. By embracing technical transformations, you can devote more time to growing your business and taking care of your customers.

As a Microsoft Office 365 customer, you take full advantage of hosted email, SharePoint Online and OneDrive. This allows your employees to collaborate efficiently and be productive from any device, anywhere in the world, a feature that can't be taken for granted as remote work becomes more prevalent daily.

Reliable backup services

It's a common misconception that Microsoft is backing up the data stored in your Office 365 subscription. The exact numbers aren't clear, but Microsoft has stated that there are currently 200 million active monthly users of the 365 platform. Backing up all that data would be nearly impossible from a profitability perspective.

Microsoft offers geo-redundancy, which in lay terms means its datacenters are replicated across the globe. Deleted items are typically recoverable for 30 days, which doesn't consider malicious deletion, malware, ransomware or data loss due to system failure on their part. This is particularly concerning for business owners like you, who must also contend with regulatory compliance. Other concerns include no single pane of glass to restore data across the Office 365 environment.

That's why it's vital to enlist the assistance of a Microsoft Office 365 backup and archiving services provider.


Customized solutions

To achieve the peace of mind that comes with the same level of control over your cloud data that you have over the rest of your business, you need a comprehensive cloud-data archiving solution. We are here to help.

Our Microsoft cloud experts will meet with you to fully understand your Microsoft Office 365 implementation as well as your business goals. We will design a solution that reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively backs up your data. If your company has regulatory compliance either currently or in the future, we can ensure you meet and exceed all of the requirements regarding cloud data. Our backup service solution will provide:

  1. Indefinite data storage. You decide what to keep and how long to keep it, and we provide the solution that makes that happen.
  2. Version control. You retain multiple copies of documents for much longer and can choose the version of any document to restore.
  3. Automation. You can set it and forget it with our solution.
  4. Folder hierarchy preservation. Save time when looking for the file or directory to restore.
  5. Backup frequency. We can back up your data at a frequency that works for you.
  6. Flexible data storage. We can back up to other cloud providers and even on-premises for additional recovery options.
  7. Granular control. We provide backups for only the data you need, not an entire directory.

Your data is a vital component of your business. Let the support team at XFER Communications, your local Microsoft Office 365 backup and archiving services provider in Troy, MI area, assist you with the backup and recovery of your most precious asset. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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