Never let anyone blackmail you. Protect your business from Cryptolocker attacks.

How Cryptolocker enters your system and what it does.

Malware Detected  cryptolocker Cryptolocker is a kind of malware that is primarily about extorting money from its users. Like malware, a cryptolocker uses social engineering techniques to trick the user into running it. Unsuspecting users may find a zip file attachment in their email that disguises itself into a sales/purchase invoice from a logistics company. Once the attached file is attempted to be opened, the script inside it would run and would cling on the system's memory to start its malicious operations. These cryptolockers would then encrypt the files inside the computer and make it unusable. The cryptolocker will ask you to pay in bitcoins for the release of your files. However, paying these cyber attackers is frowned upon in the IT industry, since it just motivates these criminals to do more damage to anyone's business.

Removing Cryptolocker and its existing remnants.

Removing the cryptolocker program does not work thru simple file deletion. Cryptolocker knows that you would do that in advance, so they added extra programs they have installed in your system that would prevent you from removing their cryptolocker.

Leave it to the experts.

Proactive Monitoring Designed to Keep Your Network Secure

XFER offers Cryptolocker Removal services. We know what are the best ways of handling these cryptolockers and eliminating them on your systems. We use a variety of tools and programs that should finish these threats and their remnant traces on your computers.

Recovering Lost Data

If you have a computer previously infected with cryptolocker and got your data locked out and lost, we can also bring it back. We offer File Restoration services for data that was lost through cryptolocker attacks.

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