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Mitel's business communications system delivers voice, unified communications (UC), mobility and contact center capabilities to enterprises of all sizes. It combines a distributed communications platform, intuitive user applications, IP phones, and an easy-to-use management system that integrates with leading business information systems.

Voice - Built to leverage the power of VoIP telephony.

Designed from the ground up to streamline the work of administrators and end users alike, the built-in unified communications (UC) capabilities of Mitel's premise-based business VoIP phone system are transforming the way people work.

By integrating communication tasks –such as video conferencing, IM, mobility and online collaboration – usually performed with separate tools, Mitel's brilliantly simple business VoIP solutions help boost productivity and reduce costs.

Beyond mere business phone systems: unified communications

Mitel's Unified Communications (UC) capabilities leverage the power of VoIP to integrate communication tasks. Built on our brilliantly simple business VoIP phone system, Mitel brings together VoIP telephony, instant messaging, video conferencing, mobility, presence, and collaboration capabilities into a seamless business environment.

Mitel's on-premise business phone system with built-in unified communications (UC) lets both on-site and remote users see who is available at any given moment, and decide how best to reach them. With less time spent playing phone-tag, everyone has more time for the real business at hand.

Enterprise mobility that puts mobile UC on the devices employees love

Mitel Mobility enables businesses of all sizes to integrate leading – and loved – smartphones and tablets securely, simply and cost-effectively, with existing enterprise communication applications and infrastructure.

The Mitel enterprise mobility solution makes it easy for your workforce to embrace BYOD (bring your own device), communicating on the devices of their choice. From any location (office, home, hotspots), and on any network (voice over Wi-Fi , voice over 3G/4G, or cellular), they can access a full suite of mobile unified communications tools.

Businesses are deploying Mitel's mobile workforce solution to address the key challenges associated with BYOD (bring-your-own-device) demands from employees: soaring international roaming costs, poor in-building coverage, and integration into corporate PBX and unified communications systems.

Mitel Mobility also supports Mitel Conferencing on Apple iOS devices, further increasing the flexibility and reach of mobile users by making Mitel's rich collaboration capabilities available on iPads and iPhones. It's as simple as downloading the current Mitel Conferencing for iOS application from the Apple App Store. Within minutes, iPad users can participate fully in conferencing and collaboration sessions, viewing spreadsheets, and presentations, on the desktops of others.

Not only is Mitel Mobility an inherent component of the Mitel Unified Communications system, it also easily integrates with other PBX and UC systems, including those from Cisco, and Avaya.

Contact center solutions that simplify your customer communications.

Customers expect higher levels of service than ever, and multisite contact centers are now the norm.

Built on the highly reliable voice capabilities of our on-premise unified communications system, Mitel's Contact Center solution easily connects internal and external customers to the right agent at the right time. The result? Lowered costs and an improved customer experience that help to transform your contact center into a revenue center.

Mitel offers flexible solutions for all types of enterprises: from smaller, less formal environments to large organizations that require call centers with sophisticated routing and reporting options, multimedia, self-service and outbound campaign capabilities.

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