XFER has been serving Michigan since 1994, providing IT Support such as technical helpdesk support, computer support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

Find Valuable Advice with Business Technology Reviews

b2ap3_thumbnail_TimeforReview400.jpgHave you ever felt like your business is missing out on a big opportunity simply because you are unaware of it? In order to see a hidden opportunity, you need a fresh set of eyes. You need the help of an expert who knows what to look for, and you need regular input. This is exactly why we offer business technology reviews.

At XFER, we work hard to be more than a squad of geeks or a bar of geniuses that only repairs computers. We consider ourselves a business consultant that is dedicated to helping your business grow--technology just happens to be our angel. Because technology is so interwoven into every part of business, we are able to offer you valuable solutions that will cover several different areas in your business.

By scheduling a business consultation session with us, you will be able to maximize our expertise as a valuable resource and help your business grow. We will go over your business plan, your goals, your sales figures, anything and everything that you want to put out on the table, we will take a look at it and share our advice as a trusted business advisor.

As a business owner, you know the value of good ideas and wise counsel. When it comes to business, it is true that you could "go it alone" and keep things the way they are, but if you really want to grow then you will want to bring in the experience of others. You know how expensive it would be to hire a new staff member with executive-level experience, let us save you the new hire expense and provide you with enterprise-level business advice.

The advice we give in regards to your business plan will be helpful, and it will prove more valuable over time. This is why we like to do these business reviews regularly. The effectiveness of a business review and the value of the advice that you receive will only run as deep as the business relationship runs.

In fact, even if we only have a business acquaintance with you, we could have a consultation session and you would walk away some solid business tips and pointers; but the advice that you would receive during our tenth review would blow the advice of the first review out of the water. This is because it would be tailored to grow your business in a way that is consistent with the mission and values of your company.

More than giving you good advice, by using XFER as your trusted business advisor you will dramatically increase the networking potential of your business. XFER works closely with several Michigan businesses and we perform our consultation service with many of them. When we are discussing your needs and how to meet them, the first group of businesses that we are going to recommend will be the other Michigan businesses that we work with. In turn, we will send other businesses your way when they have a need that they need met. Consider this like a strategic business alliance that we are orchestrating for your benefit.

Ultimately, we are able to provide this business review service because we too are a business. We fight in the same trenches that you do and face the same economic challenges. In business, don't go it alone, there is strength in numbers, give XFER a call at 734-927-6666 / 800-438-9337 today!


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