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How Technology Changed the Office Forever

How Technology Changed the Office Forever

It’s hard to think about the modern office without considering the role that information technology plays in it. If you think about it, it wasn’t so long ago that organizations were struggling with gaining access to important resources and maintenance, but sometimes it’s important to reflect on the way things were before IT infested offices all over the world. Let’s discuss how the IT-less office functioned before and after technology solutions were implemented en masse.

Talent Acquisition

Consider the way that IT maintenance and management was before modern technology solutions became prevalent. Businesses had to either hire a team to manage their IT or outsource the responsibility to a third party. The key factor here is that both are limited by geographical location; if you can’t find a local business or enough talent to manage your business’ IT maintenance, it might not get done properly (or at all).

On the other hand, with remote technology maintenance and management being more available than ever before, plenty of businesses are finding that they can better maintain their technology infrastructures. What’s more is that these businesses don’t need to have these providers visit the office, meaning they get the maintenance they need without expensive on-site trips and travel costs.

Streamlining of Operations

Depending on the industry your business is a part of, you may have had run-ins with outdated technology or solutions that simply haven’t aged well. Perhaps you’re still using spreadsheets to keep track of inventory, which creates opportunities for user error and produces displacement. Maybe you’re finding that it’s difficult to find enough space for document storage, as filing cabinets are clunky and take up a ton of room. The list goes on and on… if you think of a former inconvenience, chances are there is a technology solution that has been developed to solve it in recent years.

That being said, modern technology solutions have given offices the ability to move past obsolete and outdated technology to make operations more manageable and dynamic. One great example of this is file management software and digitizing documents. It eliminates the obsolete and bulky filing cabinet in favor of a searchable database for storing your documents.

Consolidation of Resources

Your business might take advantage of several services that you think are beneficial for operations, but there is a serious chance that they are counterintuitive to your business’ bottom line. Your business’ phone service is a prime example. A phone system is critical to being in business, but it can come with considerable expenses, including some that can be avoided thanks to modern technology solutions.

The Internet gives your business the opportunity to consolidate resources in a way that wasn’t possible in its infancy. For example, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) utilizes your Internet connection and eliminates the need to go through a telephone provider for this important service. VoIP uses an existing resource to lower your organization’s expenses. Furthermore, the “as a service” model allows your business to take advantage of solutions previously unavailable, and it’s all thanks to the accessibility provided by the cloud.

You might look back on the good old days with nostalgia for a time when technology wasn’t so necessary, but it’s hard to deny the effect that it has had on the business world. You want someone managing your technology that knows a thing or two about how to get the most out of your resources. To learn more, contact XFER at 734-927-6666 / 800-438-9337.

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